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Anonymous asked: Imagine Spock's "honey do" list for Jim.


A heavy sigh was expelled from between a pair of thinning human lips. Another two week ambassadorial mission… Another two weeks of living alone and sleeping alone and eating alone and showering alone and simply being alone.

Jim had returned to their condo with these thoughts after seeing Spock off, feeling quite empty even though it only had been barely a half hour since the two had parted ways.

He stepped into the lift and began ascending to the twenty third floor.

Though the grievances of loneliness had been on his mind for the better half of last week, Jim dared not make them known to Spock; after all, to burden and distract him with these feelings wouldn’t be fair when he was only fulfilling his duties as Ambassador.

The demands of Spock’s position were fully known and understood when he accepted the responsibility, but actually living with them was a different story all together. …Certain past events had incubated the unmistakable curse of separation anxiety in their relationship.

A pleasing chime sounded off and the lift door opened then. With his mouth pulled taut, Jim turned his face to the side, just as he turned his thoughts from one memory in particular, and stepped up to the entrance of the condo.

A blue light flashed on the fingerprint reader, confirming his identity and the door swished open. Jim entered and shrugged his coat off, unable to prevent himself from gazing forlornly about the emptiness of the space. That’s when he saw a note on the table.

His footsteps quickly carried him in its direction. From far away, Jim could tell that the words on the paper were curiously handwritten, though the lettering was so neat, it could have been mistaken for traditional print work. Jim knew better, though.

He took the note in his right hand and began reading the message written upon it.



I must make several requests of you in my absence.

1. It is imperative that you eat well. Do not skip meals, even if your desire to eat has been dampened by the expected emotional response of my absence.
2. Ensure that you sleep at least eight hours every night. You are aware that rest is essential to your health.
3. As the temperature is still low, dress in warm clothing and do not forget your scarf.
4. On the dates you are scheduled to provide lectures at the Academy, bring sustenance to ensure you remain hydrated. These will be - as you describe - “long days,” so you must endeavor to prepare yourself for them.
5. I will make contact with you on a daily basis. However, it is my wish that you do not hold your comm every moment in anticipation that I may send correspondence, as you previously suffered hand cramping during my previous mission.
6. Regarding the inquiry you posed last night, I suspect it was jocular in nature as you did not give me the opportunity to respond; however, I will supply an answer now. No, I do not mind if you wear my attire or pursue repose upon my side of the bed in my absence.
7. Excess effort to clean our living space is unnecessary in preparation for my return. Do not stress yourself.

Taluhk nash-veh k’dular. It is of equal difficulty for me.



The corners of Jim’s lips twitched upwards in the slightest. The hand that rested at his side rose into the air, its thumb gently landing upon the top corner of the paper as his four fingers ghosted on the opposite side. They slowly slid down the thin sheet like it were precious and made of antique lace before the pad of this thumb stopped over the final written word.

Jim caressed that name twice before he clutched the letter to his chest and allowed his eyelashes to fall and head to nod forward.

"I miss you already," he whispered to the emptiness around him.

However, Jim realized his words hadn’t gone unheard when he felt a pulse of affection surge into his side of the bond. A quiet smile spread across his face.

Parted from me and never parted.



This film made 0 sense

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everything personal♡


everything personal♡

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kite-dreams here’s the one that wouldn’t fit bc odd number of gifs also this one is very slight


"Star-Lord." "Who?"

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His eyes fell instead on the girl next to Krum.
His jaw dropped. It was Hermione.

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nothing weird there, huh?


wait, what’s that?


that is a poster with topless photos of colin morgan

we need to go deeper


this is bradley james looking at a poster with topless photos of colin morgan


this is bradley james looking at a poster with topless photos of his co-star


this is bradley james definition of ‘subtle’

bradley pls

Seriously??? OMG.


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make me choose
asked swanfire or wooden swan

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The New West End Cast of Once: The Musical performing “Gold" at the Laurence Olivier Awards. 

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so i showed my friend this picture of anakin


and she was like ”he’s hot”

and i couldnt stop laughing because yeah



pretty hot

Too soon


One might say that it was 
A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away

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